SYLRA, is the abbreviation for Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs.
The Scandinavian countries that host SYLRA meetings are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

SYLRA´s aim
Promote YL activities and encourage YLs and young girls to communicate by radio and tell others about their activities. This way we promote our hobby - amateur radio - and the Scandinavian countries world wide.
As SYLRA is mainly an Internet organization that has semi annual meetings, held in a Scandinavian country, the contact person´s names and e-mails are on the web pages.
SYLRA is an independent organization working closely with the countries national amateur radio leagues.

The board
The board of Sylra contains:
- one contact person from each of SYLRA´s countries
- one web master for SYLRA´s web pages
The board will elect chair woman from board members for a period of two years.

SYLRA meetings
By holding it every other year the SYLRA meeting will then not interfere with the International YL meetings. All suggestions can be put to any board member at least two weeks before meeting and the board will disscuss the matter and decide if further action should be taken.
The order of meetings are: Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland.

Members of SYLRA can be YLs & YL SWLs from the Scandinavian countries and also YLs and YL SWLs from other countries. SYLRA will not have any membership payment.
To become a member of Sylra YLs and YL SWLs can contact members of the board on the web site or by phone/post.
SYLRA membership certificate will be sent to new members .

SYLRA on air
Every 15th of Agust, the birthday of SYLRA, all SYLRA members are encouraged to go on air on any frequency any time during the day.
On every SYLRA meeting we will strive to have open station to go on the air.

Contact SYLRA
All members are encouraged to write articles about YL activity to be published in papers and to send a copy in english to the Sylra webmaster to be published on the Sylra website.
SYLRA website is and the official language is English.

Lilleström 5th of september 2019
Board of SYLRA