Thursday 3rd

  • Arrivals of participants (from 10:00 and onwards)
  • Afternoon/Evening free
  • The shack is available from 17:00

Friday 4th

  • The bus leaves from the hotel at 08:00 for the ferry in Drøbak The ferry leaves from Drøbak to Oscarsborg fort at 09:50 Guided tour for 2 ½ hours at the fort
  • The ferry leaves for Drøbak at 11:45 and it will arrive in Drøbak at 12:00 Leisure time in Drøbak
  • Self paid lunch
  • Places of interest: The Christmas House and the Follo museum Drøbak is a picturesque place with wooden houses and narrow streets Bus leaves from Drøbak to the hotel at 15:30
  • Evening free, self paid dinner
  • The shack is available
  • The SYLRA board has their meeting in the evening

Saturday 5th

  • YL meeting from 11:00 until 13:00 in a nearby place
  • All YLs have to meet in the hotel reception area 20 minutes before the start of the meeting and we will walk together to the meeting place
  • All OMs have to meet in the reception area for their own programme at 10:30 They will be picked up at the hotel
  • The estimated time for this tour is about 2 hours
  • After the YL meeting and the OM’s programme there will be free time until we meet in the bar at the hotel at 18:30 before the official dinner (nice casual clothing).
  • Those wanting to go to the shack please contact Ingrid or Unni in ahead so we can arrange transportation to the shack.
  • If you would like to go to Oslo, the bus stop is right outside the hotel.
  • Aperitif will be served in the hotel bar at 18:30 The official dinner will be served at 19:00
  • If you would like to say some words during the dinner, please contact Unni.

Sunday 6th

  • Farewell breakfast at the hotel
  • Those leaving for Svalbard will receive their own agenda for that trip