Report from SYLRAs member’s meeting Saturday 5th September 2009.

Present at the meeting: VK5CTY Christine, OZ7EA Elin, OH1EG Merja, OH1MK Maya, OH7GWA Pirjo, F5RC Renata, F5RPB Evelyne, DJ6US Walli, DL3KWR Rosel, VU2SWS Sarla, IT9ESZ Ruth, LX1TL Lea, LA6JJ Gunnel, SM0UQW Eine, M0ACL Liz, M5YLO Nicola, N0WBV Cheryl, SWL Ruth, WA0WOF Kay, JR3MVF Miyoshi, LA8FNA Lise, LA6RHA Unni SYLRA Board members: OZ7AGR Inger, OH2HSJ Annika, TF3VB Anna, TF3VD Vala, SM6KAT Solveig, LA8FOA Ingrid

  1. Ingrid started the meeting with welcoming all the YLs attending the meeting.
    She also informed about the status of SYLRA members. SYLRA has 113 members from 23 countries.
  2. The YLs present introduced themselves. 27 YLs present at the meeting. See separate list for call signs and names.
  3. The contact persons read their individual reports about the YL activities since last meeting in Sweden 2007. Inger from Denmark, Annika from Finland, Solveig from Sweden, Vala from Iceland and Ingrid from Norway.
  4. Ingrid informed about the meeting on Friday and the results from the board meeting as regarding to the different countries contact persons and SYLRA’s chairwoman.
    This will be as follow for the next two years:
       Inger OZ7AGR chairwoman and also contact person in Denmark Solveig SM6KAT contact person in Sweden
       Ingrid LA8FOA contact person in Norway Annika OH2HSJ contact person in Finland Vala TF3VD contact person in Iceland
       Inger OZ7AGR informed about a new YL ring on Monday 19.00 UTC, 3710 MHz.
  5. Annika OH2HSJ informed about the next SYLRA meeting in 2011. The SYLRA meeting 2011 will be from 11th – 14th August in a small town outside Helsinki by the name “PORVOO” (Borgå). Invitations and information will be sent out from the Finnish YLs in due time.
    Annika also informed us about OH2YL’s thought of having a Scandinavian YL autumn contest 2010. Sarla VU2SWS asked if Digital mode would be available during this contest to which Annika said yes. The final rules for the contest will be put on the internet.
  6. Anna TF3VB informed about SYLRA’s web site to which she is the web master of.
    Thanking Tuulikki, our first web master for making the basic our web site is founded on. (Thanks to the Icelandic YLs we got our own domain after having the web site through
    Anna encouraged the members to send in suggestions, photos and articles, and not to forget information regarding YL expeditions to this e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  7. After Anna’s presentation there was an intermission of 15 minutes with tea, coffee and biscuits. SYLRA’s book originally from our founding meeting in Copenhagen 2003 was signed by the YLs present during this intermission.
  8. Reports

Nicky M5YL0 told us about the British YL organization BYLARA and its structure as today. Nicky also presented us with small gifts from BYLARA.
Liz M0ACL who really works hard for the girl scouts 7-10 years, told us that she had been appointed to lead “Girl-guide on Radio” 5 years ago. Due to her being a radio amateur this was her “cup of tea”. Liz handed out folders which told about “Thinking Day 22nd February 2010.

Christine VK5CTY had made originally a Power Point Presentation about the International YL meeting in Adelaide 2012, but due to technical problems with the equipment in the auditorium, we could not enjoy this. Christine presented the information regarding the meeting and the optional tours like the train ride across Australia, “The Ghan”, we could choose in connection with the meeting in 2012.

Cheryl N0WBV told us about the YL organization in USA called YLRL and could tell us that they were all very interested in exchanging membership/sponsors.

(Reg. this SYLRA has no sponsor system like in the YL organizations where you pay membership fee, so whoever take contact with us – regardless of which contact person – can be a member in SYLRA).

Rosel DL3KWR gave us a short talk about the next International YL meeting in Munich June 2010. She told us that the address for the meeting was on her web site and handed out cards where her web site address was written.

After the last presentation, the member’s meeting was terminated. The SYLRA book where all the YLs present at the individual meetings write their names and call sign, was handed over to Annika OH2HSJ from Finland where the next SYLRA meeting will take place in 2011.

Kolbotn, September 2009
Unni LA6RHA - Ingrid LA8FOA